Online & Web Lead Management

Never miss a customer enquiry again with this online lead management software. Track your leads, proposals and sales pipeline all from one central place and turn your prospects into customers.

We all like to think that our sales processes capture every lead and that the leads are actioned every time to maximise their potential but of course, the reality doesn’t always match our expectations.

With the Cars Now Web Lead Management Tool you can capture all of the leads,  all of the time in one easy to use application. It simplifies the sales process and gives a perfect overview of where the leads are coming from, how quickly they are being dealt with and which ones are turning into sales.

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Maximise your usage on Cars Now Showroom Management Tool

We all have customers, who have rediscovered functionality in their cars long they have taken delivery, or perhaps they discover a feature for the very first time.

On some occasions it may not be until they trade the car back in and are shown a feature on a new car that they might say “that’s a great new option on this model” – even though it may well have been on their own car all along.

Sometimes it is difficult to get all the information across when presenting a product for the first time and we all need refreshers to help us get the most out of the technical tools we chose to use.

For that reason, Cars Now have always provided on-site training & technical support to help maintain users knowledge of the system and keep them up to date with all of the features and benefits – especially when new tools are released.

Due to the current travel restrictions and the need to maintain social distancing, we are now offering on-line training, at very competitive rates, for all users who need it.

We can logon remotely to an individual user’s screen and provide one to one training on any aspect of the system.

If you would like some management training on reports or if you have concerns that some of your staff may not be getting the most from the system please just let us know.

For more information, or to have a chat about any aspect of Cars Now just call Geraldine on 086 837 2204 or email us now @