Accessing Management Reports

To access reports from your Diary, select ‘Management‘ and click on ‘Reporting‘.

This will bring you to your reports console.

On the left you can set the criteria that you require for your report.

For example you can choose the date range for your report.

If your dealership has multiple sites, you may select a specific location or all sites.

You can also choose to look at individual sales executives or look at total figures for all executives on the site.

There are other options available to fine-tune your report.

When finished defining criteria, click ‘Set Criteria‘.

Next we choose what information we want the report to cover.

In the standard reports section your favourite reports are selected by default.

Many other reports may be selected from by choosing the relevant category that you wish to examine from the drop down menu.

Choose the report you wish to view.

Finally, in the bottom right, click ‘View Selected Report’.

Your report is now ready to view and to print.


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