From Customer Enquiry to Automatic Vehicle Sales Match

If a customer asks about a used vehicle it is important to register this interest as an enquiry.

This is to ensure that the customer’s needs can be immediately matched to a vehicle that is traded in any time in the future and a sales executive can be automatically be notified.

The interest can be set up in the same way as any other enquiry, by first searching for the customer to avoid duplication and clicking on ‘Create Enquiry’.

In the ‘Enquiry Vehicle’ tab of the Enquiry Console set the details that the customer supplies, such as make, model, year and colour.

Be sure to fill in the amount they are willing to spend at the bottom of the tab.

Click ‘OK’ to save and return to the Customer console, and the return to the Diary screen.

Any matches to this enquiry will be shown in the Sales Match section of the Diary.

If there are no immediate matches, let the customer know that you will be informed by the system if an appropriate vehicle comes into stock in the future.



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