How to create a contact (customer).

The first action that must be taken when creating a contact is to ensure that the contact does not already exist in the system.

To do this simply search for the contact using the search box in the top right of the screen.

This is necessary to avoid duplication of contacts within the system.

If the name does not already exist, click ‘Create Contact’.

Fill in what information you have gathered from the customer thus far.

A contact can be created with only a surname but you should aim to gather a customer’s full name, address, email and mobile phone number.

Don’t forget that you can go back and add more details later.

For data protection purposes, you must ask the customer for permission to send marketing information and create anniversary to-do’s.

If permission is granted, mark the two check boxes.

Click ‘Apply‘ to save and stay on the page

Or click ‘OK‘ to save and close.

The customer is now in the system and you can see all of the interactions between the business and the customer from thiscustomer console.

To edit, or add to, customer information, simply click on his or her name in the customer details and edit as required.

You are now able to create and edit a customer on the CarsNow system.



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