Permanently Delete Contact or Vehicle on CarsNow as an Administrator

To review contacts and vehicles for permanent deletion, select ‘Utilities‘ and ‘Records Admin‘.

Here you will see tabs for both Contacts and Vehicles.

We will focus on Contacts in this tutorial but the process for Vehicles is identical.

Click on the ‘Contact’ Tab

Select the Contact you wish to delete by checking the box next to their name.

To select all check the box in the header.

Once you have an Contact or group of Contacts selected you can choose to return them to the system or to permanently delete them.

If an individual has been mistakenly deleted, select them and click ‘Reinstate Selected‘ and ‘Reinstate Contact Now‘ in the pop-up window.

If you wish to permanently delete the records, click ‘Delete Selected‘.

A warning window will appear, type ‘confirm‘ in the text box and click ‘Permanently Delete Records‘.

The Contact, or group of Contacts, is now permanently deleted.


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