Setting vehicle match parameters

To use the automatic sales match function effectively, you must first set up the parameters of how the vehicles will be matched.

We can do this from the Diary screen by selecting ‘Utilities’, ‘Company’ and then ‘Vehicle Match Default’ on the left.

There are many criteria you can adjust to match vehicles, the more stringent the criteria you set, the more exact the matches you will receive.

If the criteria you set are too rigid, you may rule out potential matches. If your criteria are too loose, you may generate too many matches.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what suits your particular circumstances.

When you have selected your matching criteria, click the button ‘Refresh All Vehicle Matches’.

Next click ‘OK’ to go back to your Diary screen.

Your matches, if any will now be shown in the ‘Sales Matches’ section of the Diary screen, matched by customer, vehicle and amount.


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